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                Adams Ambulance Service Inc.
              185 Columbia Street. 
               Adams, Massachusetts 


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About Us
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Providing Emergency Medical Services 
To The Residents Of Adams, Cheshire and Savoy


 185 Columbia Street. Adams, Massachusetts 01220-1303

All Emergencies Dial 9-1-1 

We would like to mention a few changes that affect everyone. We here at Adams Ambulance have expanded our scope of care to include Paramedic level service, moved to a new location to facilitate this change and have added this web site so that the public will have access to information concerning Adams Ambulance. We are a family of sort, to be there when you need us. Welcome to our home.



Please Drive Safely...Use caution when driving on wet or slippery roads


This web site is dedicated to a great friend and partner Joe, A-3, he is sadly missed by all


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